Art of crafting

Resource gathering and crafting is a major part of any MMO and for some players is their sole occupation.

The first age in ACO is all about survival and much is lost when it comes to every day needs. The Sky Cities are in bad shape and basic needs for players will pose an everyday problem.

Resource gathering and crafting will evolve over time and change during the course of the games progress through the ages. It’s closely linked with research later on and will initially depend on experimentation and brave or lucky adventures who find usable diagrams and recipes.

Resource gathering forms the starting point. Without resources, nothing gets built. Resource gathering is not just clicking a vain of ore and seeing what one gets. It’s about selecting what you need and possibly discarding the rest. Different skills will play a role in gathering resources; the ability to locate a resource, experimentation and more.

Refining is the next step. Taking resources and turning them into something useful will have a large influence on the production.

Production is the final step and in comparison takes the most time. Crafting something should not be a click of the button and the result is an item. It should take time and different components should make up an item.

Crafting in ACO takes this to a new level where smaller things can be made by one character, but larger objects would need the cooperation of multiple crafting disciplines. Some players who dedicate enough time and effort in this and manage to balance their skill usage might be able to craft larger items which would normally require multiple crafting disciplines, but these would be rather rare.


ACO handles crafting significantly different than the average MMO. Gathering materials and the crafting process itself is both skill and time based.

  • Time based crafting and gathering. It takes time to built something or to process something. It’s not just waiting for a progress bar to fill up.
  • Skill based – Player skill plays a major role in quality and durability of items. Skill usage or crafting items of the same type will increase successes and other aspects of the item crafted.
  • The Spirit essence System and perks play a role in player favored categories and crafted items. Infusing magical and spirit properties form a major part of crafted goods and the evolving of mounts, armor and weapons.
  • Experimentation with or without research can greatly affect the outcome or even invention of new crafting techniques or items
  • Crafting of settlement structures, mounts and complex items will need multiple disciplines working together.
  • Crafting follows a more real life approach. Raw resources will need to be treated before use, much as one would in real life.
  • Crafting is a foundation of the game. Most of the in-game items were crafted by players at some point. Even items found in the world would need tending or repairs before they are usable.