Survival Gameplay

Survival will be most dominant in the first age, where players and settlements will need to fight to survive.The elements we’re putting in place are numerous and range from the simple act of finding food, to dangerous places where survival is an art of stealth and escape.

In general terms, there will be two types of survival gameplay;

The first being the long term survival of players and settlements.Food, environment and more can be hazardous for unsuspecting players. A lot will be experimenting with what is safe, etc. But danger lurks everywhere, and the repercussions of player deaths caused within the survival system are more severe with higher penalties.

The second is survival gameplay in specific areas, where survival takes a more direct approach.There are many places, especially in the Spirit Beast forests where riches are suspected. These places are dangerous for many reasons. Fighting in these places may prove to be more difficult than can be imagined.


  • Survival gameplay for settlements and players.
  • Food, environment and more make things dangerous for players.
  • Experimenting is a part of life, but so are the repercussions of death.
  • Many areas are rumored to hold great riches, but also great danger.
  • The dangers may prove to be too much in these areas.