Settlements and Housing

Settlements are still being refined as to their location and accessibility from within locations inside ACO.


Settlements form the cornerstone in ACO and we wanted settlements to take a different form then what players are used to in other games.


NPC cities and player cities exist in their own scenes and are accessible from the world map. They will be easier to acquire and maintain in the game. These settlements form the cornerstone for many players and are the first line of defense.


Player housing will be an important part, because even though the first age is all about survival, we feel that social interaction will be of major importance to the success of settlements and groups of players. One of the most important aspects of the game would be player housing.




ACO settlements are owned and driven by the player’s economic and political goals and actions. Settlements form a safe haven from the world around them. They are trade hubs and from the core of the reconstruction in the second age.


Every settlement is player owned

Settlements are run by players, both online and offline.

Every settlement is responsible for the wellbeing of its occupants.

As era’s progress and research progresses, so does the development of settlements.

Most of the player housing can be found in settlements.

Construction in and around settlements give benefits and other development bonuses to settlements.

Settlement structures need to be constructed by players. A single character may build a small simple structure made of planks or clay, but in later ages it will require the effort of different craftsmen to build better settlement structures.

The layout of settlements, its growth, and more are dictated by players and those leading a settlement.

Settlement structures need to be maintained.

Player actions and non-player actions influence standing and development of a settlement.


Player housing can only be found in static version for in settlements and in mobile versions. Some are unique, others are not.


Apartments are not unique, instanced and in abundant supply.

Normal housing found in a settlement are unique and as such limited in supply

Mobile housing can be obtained by players both through pledge rewards, online store and in-game. These are not instanced and as such unique. Balancing is still being done to obtain the best performance.

Different sizes of lots dictate the size of properties and their value.

Players can buy and sell (mobile) houses, plots or plots with houses.

In the early ages the housing possibilities are limited and construction will be needed as part of the gameplay.

As the game and research progresses through the ages, so does the development of housing.

Housing needs to be constructed. A single character may build a small simple abode made of planks or clay, but it will require the effort of different craftsmen to build better, larger housing and other settlement structures.

Player housing needs to be maintained to prevent it falling into decay.

Like a settlement, player housing can be destroyed, broken into, and more. A wealthy merchant might want to hire some guards.