Old and New Technology

As in most MMOs there should be something for players to use, which in appearance and statistics should be special. With player crafted items being the majority in the game, we felt that there was a need for something that is on one side special, but on the other side should not take away from the importance of players building the majority of items.

The answer to this is what we call Evolving Objects. These are objects which are obtained from Spirit Beasts or through experimentation. These items will need to be found, although some unique ones will be part of the pledge rewards. Through research and other actions during the course of the game’s ages; these items will evolve into more powerful versions of themselves or acquire new functions. Player actions of varying sorts will be needed for evolving objects to evolve to the next level. How this works and what may be needed will differ per item and it will be up to the players to figure this out. As with everything in Antreya, it’s dynamic, so it won’t be the same for everyone.

Old technology refers to magic only based technology. All characters have this ability and are able to fuse it in different ways with Spirit Essence which resembled new technology. Research in many cases is something that plays an integral part and helps settlements and players alike.

The technology of the Sky Cities is old technology for example.

Later ages will put more focus on researching old and new technology and additional professions along these lines will be introduced during the first and second ages of the game.


  • Old technology refers to Magic. Evolving objects are a fuse between magical and spirit essence based objects.
  • Evolving items will need player intervention to evolve and to be able to use it.
  • Maintenance on these evolving objects is also a necessity and can only be performed by specialized skills.
  • Evolving items are part of pledge rewards, can be bought in the store or can be obtained through regular gameplay.
  • New technology refers to Spirit Essence based technology.