What is Oprinom?

Oprinom, also known in short as Oprim, is the energy emitted from the crystals around the world of Antreya. This energy is what powers the people and creatures of the Antreyan society. Miners, harvesters, and collectors have all found many ways of extracting the Oprim from the crystals.

Ever since the citizens have begun harvesting the mysterious energy, they have found many uses for them. The uses ranged from empowering their weapons and armor, upgrading their already known abilities and magic to make it more powerful and effective, and even stashing it away to use in cases of emergencies.


Once the Oprinom is drained from the crystals, the value of these crystals is meek. People have little use for the crystals once it lacks in Oprim and is typically just used as decoration or paper weights. However, the market for crystal trade is large with a vast amount of merchants carrying an immense stock of the crystal. It’s much harder to find merchants that have Oprim filled crystals for sale, and even when you do, the price is steep.


How does Oprinom affect players?

When a player finds Oprim in the wild or buys it from a merchant, or fellow player, then they will see a number raised that can be found above the amount of gold a player is holding. This is your Oprimeter.

Once this Oprimeter is full, you will be given a stat growth point that can be used to increase one of your many traits: Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, Stamina, Defense, Spirit Essence or Spirit Control.

As you boost your stats, your character will have physically changed in accordance to your stats. Keep in mind though, your stats are only a fraction of the things that can alter your characters’ appearance in Antreya.

Stat Descriptions

Strength – The amount of damage your melee weapon attacks will deal on impact, max carry weight.

Intelligence – The amount of damage your magical attacks will deal on impact, ability to understand new things (experiment/research).

Dexterity – The amount of damage your ranged weapon arracks will deal on impact, ability for stealth and other rogue based skills.

Stamina – Your evasiveness and natural resistance to damage, maximum health and maximum action point pool.

Defense – The amount of damage you can take.

Spirit Essence – Max spirit essence pool and power of spirit related skills.

Spirit Control – The chance of success when using spirit based special abilities.

Stat Upgrade Descriptions

Strength – Increase the impact power of hits using melee weapons. All-around melee style damage increase with every growth.

Intelligence – Increase the strength of all magical attacks, whether you are equipped with a magical weapon or open fists.

Dexterity – Increase the impact of ranged attacks, whether it is a bow and arrow or throwing axe.

Stamina – Increase your overall combat necessities; Health, Resistance and Action Pool.

Defense – Increase the amount of damage you can withstand. Impacts from all forms of attack aren’t as effective.

Spirit Essence – Increase the pool amount you can hold at once and the strength of your spirit based skills.

Spirit Control – Increase the spirit abilities of your character. All spirit special abilities chance of success is raised and Spirit essence usage is lowered.

Oprim Control Properties

Mana – Magical abilities; chosen god grants specific abilities

Spirit Essence – Spirit abilities; empowered by stats and partnered Spirit Beast

Oprim Crystals – Crystals with Oprinom still contained; used to power up weapons and armor