In ACO economics play a vital role in the survival and growth of settlements and individual players. The economic system will change over time as good change in value. In the first age, basic needs will be more important and as such items like food and basic building resources would be of greater importance to players and settlements. The economy will use both money as well as a barter system for goods.

The economy in ACO will be fueled by players and its players who will dictate the value of an item, following the supply and demand principles. Taxes are levied by settlements and some transactions will be taxed by the game itself.

One major difference with other games is the fact that goods need to be transferred from where they were bought, to where the players want them. The spirit vaults cannot be used for many item types and as such these goods will likely need protection on their way to a warehouse in a settlement, or to a player’s home.

It would be hard to carry a few tons of stones in your pockets.


Trading and Bartering form one of the cornerstones for the survival and successful existence of settlements and ultimately their growth. ACO’s economy is driven by the players.

  • Trade can take many forms, such as monetary and goods exchange
  • Every item in the game is useful, either is their original shape or after processing.
  • Settlement and world economy work on the principle of supply and demand
  • Each settlement can trade or even set up a market in later ages. Players determine their own prices on supply and demand.
  • Goods must be physically transported from location to location, and may require an armed escort to protect it.